London's freshest flowers, in the heart of its prettiest village

Our famous stall by Barnes Pond, one of the capital's most scenic spots, is a real London landmark. For more than twenty-five years, we've been getting up before the sun to find the best, brightest flowers in London – flowers that bring every room, every occasion and every event to life.

Carefully chosen by a team with more than half a century's experience, our flowers are sourced from the world's very best growers – our guarantee that your flowers will look brighter and live longer, wherever they're displayed. 

We're obsessive about creating the bouquets and displays that make every space look beautiful, and our expert florists work hard to ensure that you're always delighted. That's why our loyal and brilliant customers keep coming back week after week, year after year.

Whether you're planning a big wedding, mourning a family member or simply need a little colour in your life, we'll work hard with you to create the floral arrangements that will do the job – simply, beautifully and reliably.